Start Up

At Wicked Networks, we remember our roots as an Internet startup and we are proud to have supported entrepreneurs, creators and innovators in the startup community over the years.

The Start Up plan is aimed at new business ventures who require high-capacity Internet and flexible ways of working to deliver their products to market.

The Start Up plan is available to new businesses or spinoff ventures connecting within Dunedin or Auckland UFB coverage area. Eligibility criteria apply – participating companies will have been incorporated within 1 year of applying for Start Up, and/or been involved with a recognized startup mentoring programme.

With Start Up, you get everything you need to get your new business venture off the ground and work flexibly, quickly and with unlimited data.

  • Symmetry Great business Internet.
  • Residential Symmetry Enhanced residential Internet.
  • Hotspot Fast wireless access on our hotspots.
  • Innovate 100 Secure server hosting.
  • Business-class router with WiFi supplied
  • WiFi router for Telework supplied
  • Contract term none
  • Unlimited data.

Plans and Pricing

  • Symmetry + Innovate100: $450 ex GST
  • Telework: $100 ex GST

Monthly charges*

  • Innovate100 free
  • Hotspot free

*Symmetry and Telework rates are discounted by 10% from normal rates.

Download the product sheet