At Wicked Networks, we remember our roots as an Internet startup and we are proud to have supported Dunedin's local entrepreneur, creative and innovative startup community over the years.

To assist the new generation of startups to make the most of Dunedin's Gigatown presence, we have upgraded our server hosting programme to provide 200Mbps capability to serve content at full speed into the community of local users.

The Innovate1000 programme allows you to host one server with us at our co-location facility, connected directly to the Internet backbone. We provide you with power and network, and access for maintenance if you need it. You get 200Mbps of Internet bandwidth and no data caps or excess charges.

Our Innovate1000 server hosting programme provides a powerful, low-cost way for startup business ventures to get their digital content out to the Internet.

Innovate1000 dovetails neatly with our Telework and Start Up programmes. Get your staff online at home as well as at the office, and your hosted server is available to them at full, unthrottled capacity. Innovate1000 can provide additional security for your business, should your office premises be unavailable or inaccessible.

Plans and Pricing

Innovate1000 server hosting is charged at a single one-off fee for 12 months.

  • Setup fee $499.95 ex GST
  • Additional space (per 1RU) $150 ex GST
  • Cross-connect (CAT6) $50 ex GST
  • Outbound CIR 100Mbps
  • Inbound CIR none
  • Data allocation unlimited

Download the product sheet for Innovate1000.