A great package for a business that needs a fast Internet service and a wireless hotspot service for its customers. With Hospitality you can do both!

What you Get

  • Great business Internet. Symmetry
  • High-quality WiFi free to customers.Hotspot
  • Business-class router. supplied
  • Wireless hotspot. supplied
  • Contract term 12 months
  • Unlimited data.

The hospitality package adds value to retail- or customer-oriented businesses especially cafes, restaurants, hotels or other businesses where customers meet friends or colleagues or congregate in seated areas.

How It Works

  • Customers connect to Wicked Networks wireless signal.
  • Our secure portal regulates customer access.
  • At the end of the designated free period, customers can top up

You get excellent business Internet and your customers get great WiFi! Customer wireless access is separate from your secure business Internet and local network.

Since 2009, over 200,000 individual users have accessed our hotsp ots around Dunedin city at these locations.

Plans and Pricing

Hospitality is based on a Symmetry UFB connection. You choose the capacity based on your requirements and your expected level of usage from customers.

Setup fee:

  • Fibre installation, router and hotspot $399.95 ex GST

Monthly fee:

Larger sites (motels, hotels etc) may need additional hotspots to provide adequate coverage. 802.11ac hotspots are available at additional cost.

Available within Chorus UFB coverage areas in Dunedin and Auckland only.