Residential Internet

Internet usage seems to always be increasing. Entertainment, more information, social media and interaction - all of these things use more capacity and have higher demands. You need more, you deserve better. Our UFB connections provide a smooth, reliable experience to ensure that you can use the Internet without frustration.

What you get with our residential connections:

  • Fast, reliable UFB connection. 30Mbps or 100Mbps
  • Fibre installationfree
  • WiFi router free
  • Contract term N/A
  • Unlimited data.

Our plans are available only in Chorus UFB coverage areas in Dunedin and Auckland.

Check your coverage.

Budget UFB. Entry-level 30Mbps plan

For small households on a budget, or those with limited Internet requirements. Enough speed to get things done, better quality than ADSL so you don't get frustrated with the experience.

  • WiFi router supplied
  • Contract term N/A
  • Unlimited data.

Home Symmetry. More capacity for you.

Take a busy household. Add in streaming media. Mix with a home office with Skype and remote working. You need more capacity. Our Home Symmetry service provides 100Mbps upload as well as download, providing enough capability for most home users.

  • WiFi router supplied
  • Contract term N/A
  • Unlimited data.

WiFi Routers

For home UFB connections, we provide a WiFi router to match the capabiltiies of the connection. Please note that wireless speeds will vary according to environmental factors at your property as well as the capabilities of your devices.

WiFi router for 30Mbps

Basic 802.11N 2.4GHz WiFi router for budget UFB.

WiFi router for 100Mbps

802.11ac 5GHz WiFi router for Home Symmetry.

802.11ac WiFi router

Dual-band 802.11ac 5GHz WiFi router for better wireless performance.