Office UFB

Symmetry plans suit businesses who are producing content or using the Internet to engage with their customers, for example through the use of video-conferencing. Choose from entry-level 100Mbps capacity, or increase to 200Mbps if required.

We provide symmetric upload and download speeds on our business plans because we believe that modern businesses produce as much digital content as they consume. We provide excellent connectivity and leave it to you to add the services and new ways of working to make your business most effective.

We provide a business router capable of handling speeds of 100Mbps and 200Mbps. One static IP address is provided as standard.

Business UFB plans are available in Dunedin and Auckland only.
Prices exclude GST.

Please note that we have withdrawn business "gigabit" products for new connections from the market as of 31/1/2017

Symmetric capacity for modern businesses.

  • Symmetry up to 100 or 200Mbps
  • Business up to 200Mbps.
  • Business router supplied.
  • No contract term.
  • Unlimited data.

Symmetry 100. Capacity for modern business.

Capacity to handle most business needs. activate your office with smooth video-conferencing, Skype and maximise efficiency with rapid uploading and downloading of digital content.

Eliminate the frustration of dealing with inconsistent speed, frequent dropouts; UFB Just Works.

  • Setup fee $199.95
  • Monthly $129.95
  • Capacity 100/100Mbps
  • WiFi router supplied
  • Contract term N/A
  • Unlimited data.

Symmetry 200. Get more done.

Larger businesses, or those with heavier IT needs, often need that bit more raw capacity to Get Things Done We support this with a 200Mbps plan to give you that extra edge.

  • Setup fee $199.95
  • Monthly $199.95
  • Capacity 200/200Mbps
  • WiFi router supplied
  • Contract term N/A
  • Unlimited data.